Xtreme Design FX (XDFX) has been in business since April, 2003. A collaborative effort, XDFX was the combination of LC Design FX and RJFX coming together, merging their talents to create bigger and better costumes than they had produced individually.

Lance Coulter owned LC Design FX, located in Spartanburg, South Carolina, producing costumes and costume pieces full-time. Jeremy Colyer owned RJFX and worked part-time producing costume pieces in Seattle, Washington.They met in 2000 at Dragon Con, a convention in Atlanta, Georgia.

After forging a strong friendship over the years Lance asked Jeremy if he was interested in going into business together. Jeremy and his wife Robin initially didn't give it much thought. As Jeremy and Robin are Christ Followers, the spent time in prayer asking for guidance, and direction. God gave confirmation to them both that they were to make the move to South Carolina.

Soon after starting the business Lance became curious about Jeremy's faith and started his own search for truth. After about 9 months in business together Lance decided to accept Christ in his heart and is now a Christ Follower.

After nearly 5 years in business, and during their most productive year, Jeremy through much prayer decided the time investment was becoming too great for his family, and chose to pursue other interests.

Lance continues his work on Xtreme Design FX. They remain best friends, and next door neighbors.

XDFX continues to forge ahead, pushing the envelope in costume design filling orders for film, television advertising and costumers. Lance continues to improve his mastery of art through college art classes, and spreads his love for art through instruction seminars at various local schools. His costume art has been featured in local newspapers, worn on costumers interviewed for television at New York Comic Con, San Diego Comic Con, and Dragon Con in Atlanta Georgia.

Every year Lance and his wife Jessica can be seen at Dragon Con enjoying the fruits of their labor and observing the thousands of costumers attending the convention.